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Archive is 100% independent, made in Alberta, and features unique stories from across Canada.

Best New Magazine

Best New Magazine

Have you heard the news? Archive has been named Alberta’s Best New Magazine by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association.

Archive is good for you

  • A dash of creativity

    Whether we’re showcasing artisans or learning new skills, we enjoy filling the pages of Archive with creative people and crafty things.

  • A pinch of adventure

    From cross-country trips to hikes, we hit the road to discover new things - hoping there’s food and drink at the end, of course.

  • A smidgen of silliness

    We refuse to take ourselves too seriously and insist on having fun (see Versus for examples).

  • A splash of inspiration

    With recipes and how-to’s in each issue, you’re bound to find something you’d like to cook, concoct or create.